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Brief Introduction

Polus International College is a private campus set in the idyllic peach fields of Tong'an Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu City, now rising in full momentum after years of exciting transformation.

The College has been a picturesque locale ever since its inception in 1993. Abiding closely by the educational principle of "rooted in the rural county side, responding to the calling of time, with elegance inside and professionalism outside, combining learning and excercising, integrating theory and practice, promote creativity while developing model character", the College shines with vigor in all aspects, from spiritual qualities to scholarly pursuits, from cultural preservation to campus layout.

College in museum- museum in college

Here in Polus International, you will find it hard to tell whether it is a college inside a museum or a museum inside a college. Our initial will in building the campus was to make best use of the material and resources available to us. When the old architectural components and home furnishings ridded of in the rapid urbanization of surroundings areas were presented to us, it dawned on us that such items contained significant material and cultural value. Charged with a vision towards frugality and resource reutilization, we started to unleash our imagination to tap into this wealth we have endowed in a creative fashion. By combining it with elements of intangible cultural heritage such as traditional techniques and craftsmanship, we built up a unique private college with modern Chinese characteristics. Through preserving cultural traditions, emphasizing the value of people and optimizing the use of resources, we hope to bring our students a spirit of dignity and an attitude to life that is filled with appreciation for truth, virtue and beauty. In building this idyllic campus we have in a way achieved developmental protection of historic and cultural heritage, such experience is in alliance with the cultural thread of this era.

Lively and Beautiful Campus filled with Humanistic Sentiment

The campus of Polus International is a place where humans live in concert with the nature, and every season and weather has its own characters. Students may read, or discuss in the camphor woods, under the blooming peach trees, by the lotus pond and the bridge or even on the blossom-studded lawns Faculty of Polus International has developed a human-focused educational philosophy built on the knowledge and practices of the predecessors in the education community. The teachers and students of Polus International are a committed group of people who bring to the society beauty and health while pursuing their own beautiful and healthy life. Through earnest and

continuous effort, they strive to service the society while building a respectable career for themselves. Polus International prides on the success achieved and respect commanded by its graduates.

Open Campus Brings Sustained Liveliness

Polus International College represents a new type of educational approach with business, academia and research uniquely combined in light of the issues concerned with elevating students' ability to process and apply knowledge. The philosophy of open education has created a vision where: workshops are inside classrooms and classrooms inside workshops; factories are on campus thus teaching takes place in factories; teachers and students become coworkers outside classrooms; and teachers become technicians, engineers, artists and researchers when not teaching. Here, tradition is preserved through reutilization, theories are validated through practices, creations are recognized through circulation, and teaching is enlivened through experience.

In Polus International, passionate educators work in rural countryside, through character enrichment, creative thinking, willpower strengthening and other forms of self-enhancement, inspire their students to learn continuously, and acquire abilities to work, survive and love others. Students are encouraged to build friendship, to understand the meaning of happiness through appreciating the surrounding environment, and to grow to become the pillar of their family, a good citizen for the society and a complete and integral human being.

A Campus that Drives Progress of Local Community

In the past 18 years, Polus International has not only played an important role in the reform of education and transformation of human soul on campus, but also created notable changes in the local community. The simple and quiet town of Tong'an starts to pride upon knowledge, and is ever more proud of the traditional craftsmanship it has inherited. Because of Polus International, cultural and economic activities in the local community become more vigorous. Clean agriculture and support service companies have generated more income for local residents through providing services to the college, and tourists started to come in greater numbers. Like a seed, Polus International has triggered sustainable and synchronized development of environment, culture, economy and society within the entire local community.

Growing persistently in the soil of contemporary China, Polus International inherits, preserves and disseminates culture and elements of civilization in an incremental yet significant way. It stands as a rendezvous of people dedicated to the educational cause today, and needs more education enthusiasts, practitioners and theoreticians working together to materialize the ideal of an idyllic campus tomorrow.