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Granny taming the body temperature of a young child by applying guasha technique using a ceramic spoon and a bronze coin; Nanna picking elderflower from the garden to make a refreshing and detoxicating tea; Child using his small hands and fists to massage the backs and legs of his parents; Grandpa performing healing and blessing rituals on grand-sons and -daughters with calamus, mugwort and realgar on Duanwu Festival… These daily occurances in common families documented in our archives are evidence of how the root of Chinese traditional remedial techniques can be traded among the populace. From its unique narrative angle, the Traditional Remedial Technique Museum at Polus International provides its visitors with a more sentimental understanding about traditional remedial techniques.

The Traditional Remedial Technique Museum at Polus International is a featured museum dedicated to the exhibition of traditional folk remedial therapeutic methods and related artefacts. Covering a floor space of 1,500 square meters, the Museum can be divided into three functional areas, including the Exhibition Area, Research Area and Experiencing Area. Collections in the Museum include printed books, utensils, video footage, pictures, tools and architectural sample. Forty-five types of traditional folk remedial techniques are illustrated in the Museum, explaining the traditional Chinese view of life which revolves around the unity between man and nature, and harmony between body and soul. In carrying on the ever thriving tradition of folk remedial therapeutic techniques, we are inspired to Ponder about the future of human life.

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